4 Sleep Position for Young Pregnant Mothers

LifeSurance.Info -Although there is a guarantee from the doctor that the sleeping position of young pregnant women does not have a significant effect on the condition of the fetus, it would be nice if you pregnant women still apply some good sleeping positions for young pregnant women. Remember, the name of risk is always even the slightest.

Here is the choice of sleeping position for young pregnant women that you can apply.

1. Sleep Position Leans to the Left
A sleeping position of a good young pregnant woman is the most recommended sleeping position for pregnant women, even later after the pregnancy has reached the third trimester. Sleeping with the body facing left to the side will facilitate blood flow and nutrition to the placenta, even the fetus.

A good sleeping position for young pregnant women is also said to be effective to relieve shortness of breath that is often experienced by women who are young pregnant.

2. Recumbent Sleep Position
Sleeping on your back or body facing up is the next sleeping position for young pregnant women that you can practice to create comfort, even security for yourself and the fetus.

Pregnancy period of 20-26 weeks is still relatively safe for you to apply for a supine sleeping position. Sleeping on your back is not allowed when the pregnancy is above 26 weeks, where the stomach has started to enlarge.

Appeal not to practice sleeping position for young pregnant women when the gestational age is long enough based on the fact that the position resulted in an emphasis on the inferior vena cava and the aorta, namely the blood vessels found throughout the back and serves to drain blood to the foot area.

3. Leaning on a pillow
The next sleeping position for young pregnant women is the half-sitting position. Rest your back and head on a pillow. This position is believed to be effective in relieving pain in the pit of the stomach due to increased stomach acid which is often experienced by pregnant women.

The condition of heartburn in pregnant women is generally caused by the activity of the hormone progesterone in relaxing the muscles between the esophagus and stomach. As a result, stomach acid will turn to the esophagus and there are symptoms of heartburn.

4. Use Many Pillows
When you sleep, it’s best to put lots of pillows around you. Choose a cushion that is soft and soft so that your whole body starts from the head, back, hands and feet can be supported properly and comfortably.

Thus the explanation of the sleeping position of pregnant women is easy for you to notice and implement. Do not forget to consult a gynecologist to ensure what kind of sleeping position is the most ideal to support safety and comfort. Always keep yourself healthy, huh. Maybe useful!