5 Low Fat Protein Foods

LifeSurance.Info – Foods that contain protein are one type of food that supports overall body health. Protein helps repair cells and produce new cells.

Besides being good for maintaining the health of cells in the body, foods that are low in fat are generally an option in consuming food. Unfortunately, all food ingredients contain fat, including high-protein foods.

Therefore, in selecting protein foods, you need to choose foods that are low in fat.

Based on the List of Exchanging Food Ingredients (DPMB) issued by the Ministry of Health, there are classes of food ingredients that can be called rich in protein but also low in fat.

In these foods contain 7 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat. The composition is the right composition for low-fat protein sources when compared to other high-fat protein sources.

Some low-fat protein foods, including:

In one serving of squid, 45 grams is equivalent to one small squid, there are 2 grams of fat.

Fresh shrimp
In one serving of fresh shrimp which is equivalent to 5 medium tails or 35 grams, the fat content is relatively low.

Anchovy has a low-fat content in one portion which is 20 grams or equivalent to 1/3 cup, the same as other food ingredients above only has 2 grams of fat.

Beef Liver
Beef liver has a low-fat content if consumed according to its portion, which is 1 piece medium or 50 grams of beef liver

Egg whites
2 ½ grains of chicken egg white has a very low-fat content but is rich in protein.

Well, that’s food that contains protein but has a low-fat content. Some of the above foods you can make an alternative as a high-protein food for those of you who are reducing fat intake. That way, protein intake for the body remains fulfilled but fat intake is not excessive.

Body Protein Needs
After you know the high protein foods as described above, you also need to know the protein needs every day. Protein needed by adults is around 10-35% of the total calorie requirement per day