9 Movement for Pregnant Gymnastics to Streamline Labor

LifeSurance.Info – When a woman is declared pregnant, she will experience a variety of physical and mental changes. Back pain to increase body weight is something that cannot be avoided. One effort to overcome various problems that occur is with pregnancy exercise.

Pregnancy Gymnastics Movement
After you get an explanation about the benefits of pregnancy exercise, now is the time to practice it directly. Pregnancy exercises are generally carried out for 30 minutes with moderate level exercise.

Here are some pregnancy exercises that can facilitate labor, including:

1. Squatting
Doing pregnancy exercises by squatting can help open the birth canal for the fetus. You can try doing a squat movement with a gymnastic ball. The stages of the movement include:

Stand straight back against the wall with a gymnastic ball squeezed between your back and wall.
Open your legs a little.
Lower your body with your feet to form a 90-degree angle.
Return to the original position and repeat 10 times.

2. Kegel exercises
Kegel exercises you can do such as holding back the flow of urine or holding back to dispose of the wind. However, do not use the thigh, butt or stomach muscles to hold it back. Try to stop the flow of urine using pelvic floor muscles.

There are two ways to do Kegel exercises:

Slow Kegel is done by tensing the pelvic floor muscles and holding them for 3 to 10 seconds, repeating up to 10 times.
Kegel is fast, done by tightening and loosening the pelvic floor muscles alternately 25 to 50 times.

3. Leg training
Take a position that resembles a crawl, with the knee forming 90 degrees and the arms straightened. This pregnancy exercise rests on both palms, which are perpendicular to the shoulder. Then lift and straighten one leg until it is level with your back. Hold a few moments before returning to the crawl position.

Do the same movement with the other leg. Repeat this pregnancy exercise 10 times for each leg. This gymnastics can help strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.

4. Cross-legged movements
The crossing is a good position when pregnant. This position is good because the position of the stomach is not depressed so that the fetus does not disturb its position. Before doing so, you can warm up first

Heating can be done by shaking your head to the right and left 3 times, moving your head right and left 3 times. Subdue and also raise your head up and down 3 times.

The last thing to do at this position is to move the shoulders up and down three times. When you do this movement please note that the body must be in an upright position so that the fetus in it is not depressed.

5. Weight training on the arm
Pregnancy exercise movements are important because they can strengthen the body’s muscles so that they can keep the mother’s body tight after giving birth. Choose a load that matches your abilities. If you have never done weight training before, you are advised to look for other exercises.

6. Do gentle yoga movements
If weight training is not recommended by pregnant women who have never done this before, pregnancy exercise that can be done is yoga with a focus on exercising a feeling of relaxation. Yoga can reduce complaints of back pain and is believed to also be able to speed up labor.

7. Gymnastics by sitting in a chair
Pregnancy exercises can be done with resistance bands or long towels. The trick, attach the towel to the feet, with both ends pulled by both hands. Pull the body leaning backward until the stomach feels tight. Hold five seconds then return to the starting position. Perform pregnancy exercises 10 times.

8. Push-up on the wall
This pregnancy exercise movement is useful for the triceps muscles in the back of the upper arm and strengthens the chest muscles. The trick, stand facing the wall with your hands straight against the wall. When viewed from the side, the body is leaning forward, like pushing a wall.

Positioning your feet open at shoulder level, bend your elbows slowly and bring your chest close to the wall. Position so that your back stays straight. After that, return to its original position and do this several times.

9. Practice riding a short bench
So that the muscles of the lower limbs of the pregnant woman become stronger, you can do pregnancy exercises with the help of a short bench. How to use it, place a short bench with a height of no more than 20 cm.

After that, keep your right foot and left a foot on the bench. After that, bring it down again and do this pregnancy exercise with your right foot first and then your left foot. Repeat this method 10-20 times while keeping the back straight when making movements.

Well, that’s a few examples of pregnancy exercises that can help with labor. However, don’t overdo it in exercise. Follow the instructions of the midwife and instructor to provide the right guidance for movement.