Acidic Lemons Can Treat Maag

LifeSurance.Info – Acid or spicy foods do trigger the occurrence of ulcers. Someone who has a history of this disease can instantly relapse and stomach acid up. To cure this disorder, patients often consume drugs that are able to neutralize the acid so as not to be fatal.

Oh yes, in addition to using drugs recommended by doctors, ulcers can also be cured by doing lemon therapy. Is that right? Is not orange very sour?

Benefits of rich lemon
Lemon juice does have a sour taste. However, this acidic taste actually neutralizes stomach acid. When the stomach acid is high, the stomach will get sick and eventually nausea to cause a person become weak if not stronghold the pain that appears.

Water from lemon juice is also able to relieve pain caused by inflammation in the stomach. Eating lemon water every day will ease the pain or discomfort in the esophagus in patients with stomach ulcers high acid.

Lemon also contains lots of Vitamin A and Vitamin C that can launch digestive function. Consuming lemons regularly will make the bacteria in the intestine and the dissolved stomach wall and ulcer disorders can disappear slowly.

How to consume the correct lemon
The best time to consume lemon is in the morning. You can squeeze the lemon and mix it with warm water. Drink lemon water when the stomach is empty or 20 minutes before breakfast. When lemon juice is too acidic, you can add honey to make it slightly sweet without reducing its original benefits.

In addition to using honey to make it taste sweeter, you can also add other ingredients such as ginger that is beneficial for the stomach and endurance.

So, do not be afraid to consume lemon even if you have a history of ulcer disease. Lemon can actually be used for therapy so that the disease does not appear again.