Beware of HIV/AIDS Symptoms that Appear in Men

LifeSurance.Info – The deadly disease of HIV/AIDS can affect anyone, both men, and women. However, men are more susceptible to this disease because of their sexual behavior. Men with divergent sexual orientations such as homosexuals and bisexuals are more often exposed to HIV because when they have sex they rarely use condoms.

In order for all men to be more vigilant about HIV/AIDS, consider the following symptoms of the disease.

Early Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
Early symptoms of HIV/AIDS in men such as minor ailments can happen to anyone. Men who suffer from this disease will have a mild to a high fever that can heal after being given the drug.
Furthermore, throat pain may occur accompanied by a headache. Rashes on men’s skin also appear even though eventually healed again.

If these symptoms appear constantly and make you panic, it is advisable to test VCT for early detection.

Advanced symptoms of HIV/AIDS
Follow-up symptoms of men who experience HIV/AIDS are the body often limp without cause, mouth ulcers and genitals, muscle and joint pain, frequent nausea and vomiting, and night sweats.

If these symptoms have arisen, HIV/AIDS in the body is growing. Examination and treatment should be done so as not to be more severe and at risk of complications.

The final symptom of HIV/AIDS
The final symptom that arises when a man has HIV/AIDS is the body getting thin for no apparent reason. Clinical fever for 3 months will also occur with memory impairment, neurological disorders, and various fatal illnesses appear.

HIV / AIDS virus attacks white blood that acts as an antibody. If the amount of white blood in the body decreases, various diseases will arise so that severe complications and potentially cause death can arise.