Consequences Too Often Hold Sneezing

LifeSurance.Info – Sneeze is actually a relief process. When sneezing, you have removed foreign particles or germs that can damage the body. But sometimes you feel the need to hold a sneeze while in an unfavorable situation.

Unfortunately, holding sneezing by covering the nose and mouth simultaneously turned out to be bad for the breathing and even the brain. Some people have been hospitalized for holding sneezing until they have eardrums ruptured, blood vessels in the eyes are torn, even until the ribs are cracked.

Reporting from the Telegraph, a 34-year-old British man tried to resist sneezing by covering his nostrils and mouth. Soon he could barely swallow and talk, then immediately checked into the hospital.

The doctor handling the man revealed that he heard a strange voice from the neck to his ribs. Scans show that air from the lungs has ballooned into the inner tissues and chest muscles because they can not get out. During treatment, the patient receives an intake of food from the tube and is given intravenous antibiotics until the pain subsides. Luckily his condition improved after a week of treatment.

ENT specialists at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust released the description of the man’s condition in BMJ Case Reports. In the description, experts warn that sneezing can trigger a number of complications to a deadly brain aneurysm.

The lead author of the release, Dr. Wanding That says that stop sneezing by closing the nostrils and mouth is a dangerous move and should be avoided. However, this opinion was opposed by Dr. Shahz Ahmed, an ENT consultant and skull base surgeon at University Hospital Birmingham. As reported by the Guardian, Dr. Shahz mentioned that rarely encountered cases of complications from sneezing so there is no common evidence that one should not withhold sneezing.

Despite contradictory opinions, experts recommend that those who want to withhold sneezes should not by closing the nose and mouth simultaneously but by rubbing the nose or the area above the lips or breathing heavily through the nose.