How to Maintain the Nutrition of Pregnant Women

LifeSurance.Info – Pregnant women cannot eat carelessly. If they eat carelessly or even go on a haphazard diet, the fetus in the womb will be affected. Because the fetus only gets nutrition from the mother, if the nutrition is lacking, the baby will experience growth disorders. Conversely, if too much can lead to obesity.

Therefore women must pay attention to the nutrients that enter the body so that they do not cause problems. Here are some ways to maintain nutrition for pregnant women to always be on the right track.

How to maintain nutrition during pregnancy
Nutrition of pregnant women is very complex because it must pay attention to the condition of the fetus in the womb. Because consider keeping nutrition during pregnancy by doing a number of things below.

  • Meet the doctor or nutritionist concerned to measure your body weight and also increase it. Usually, every woman has normal body growth seen from the condition of the BMI. If growth is slow enough, calories must be boosted. Conversely, if you experience the excess must be reduced.
  • Use folic acid supplements that are good for fetal growth. In one day a woman needs 400 mcg of folic acid from food or from a supplement mixed with milk.
  • Vitamin C and iron must also be fulfilled every day. These two minerals can be fulfilled with food and drink. Fulfilling vitamin C and iron will provide additional endurance so you don’t get sick easily.
  • Eat regularly. In one day try to eat five times a day with a smaller portion. With this portion, you will not be easily hungry and nutrition will always be fulfilled every time.
  • Water must be filled with 6-8 glasses every day. In pregnant women, drinking lots of water might trigger a meal, but this is better than dehydration which triggers a disorder in the fetus.
  • If you have a certain illness and cannot eat some food, try to see a nutritionist. Ask them to make a daily menu that is still beneficial to the body, but does not trigger pain to recur.
  • Avoid eating fatty foods or types of junk food Sweet foods also should not be too much because it can lead to obesity.

Here’s a little review of how to maintain nutrition during pregnancy that is often ignored by women or maybe their partners.