Prevent Dry Skin When Swimming

LifeSurance.Info – Swimming is one sport that is very fun to do. For many people, even though swimming is only done by moving around to the pool, it turns out that these movements can make the mind much calmer. These seemingly trivial movements can make the whole body become active so that the body will get a lot of goodness. Unfortunately, swimming also brings bad things, especially if you swim in a public swimming pool that contains lots of chlorine. This chlorine content is believed to make the skin feel dry.

A report released by British Swimming shows the fact that chlorine that is widely used in public swimming pools turns out to be attached to the skin and can cause dry or even irritated skin. The use of chlorine in a swimming pool is very important because it is this chemical that is able to keep swimming pool water from various bacteria that can carry many diseases. Unfortunately, the side effects of using this ingredient are dry skin. Because almost all swimming pools usually use chlorine, we should immediately rinse the body clean after swimming to prevent irritation to the skin from getting worse.

Health experts advise us to immediately use some kind of skin lotion or moisturizer after rinsing the body with clean water. No need for special skin moisturizers, skin moisturizers provided by many beauty products are considered effective enough to prevent dry skin after swimming. In addition, we can also increase water intake after and before swimming which is believed to be quite effective for maintaining skin health. With a well-hydrated body, the body will more effectively remove toxins and maintain moisture on the skin.