Protein Foods that Healthy the Skin

LifeSurance.Info – Unlike vegetables and fruits, animal protein foods have several types of nutritional content that are quite superior and cannot be obtained from vegetables and fruit.

This is certainly reasonable considering that different types of food ingredients will have different nutritional characteristics.

So, what are animal protein foods that nourish the skin?
Here are three types of protein foods that contain superior substances for skin health:

1. Tuna fish
Tuna fish is already famous for its high omega 3 content. This turns out not only good for the health of the heart and body in general but also super healthy for the skin.

Omega 3 in tuna fish is said to be able to provide benefits in the form of prevention of skin cancer, smooth the skin, and make the skin appear youthful.

These benefits certainly cannot be separated from the function of omega 3 which is able to provide anti-inflammatory effects and fight free radicals in body cells including the skin.

2. Salmon
Besides tuna, salmon also has good omega 3 content. Not only that, but salmon is also proven to contain EPA and DHA which is also good for skin health.

The combination of omega 3, EPA and DHA is the right combination to protect the skin from UV exposure and free radicals.

This has also been proven, where the consumption of salmon as a routine food can provide protection for skin cancer with more leverage.